Join us for 50 hours of fun and action!

Have you ever had an idea that could change the world?

Do you want to experience what it is like to be a social entrepreneur in a low cost, low risk and fun way?

Do you have useful skills to contribute to others who have good ideas and need help taking them forward?

Many young people are full of bright ideas and have all the necessary knowledge and skills to bring these ideas into reality, but they rarely take the initiative and show them to the public. However, time changes, and people no longer should be afraid to express their ideas. There are many meet-ups and events where you can contact like-minded individuals to share your ideas and experience. If you’re too busy with academics, you can get help on Best Custom Writing. Experts can tackle all college assignments starting with the application essay and ending with the thesis. If you don’t understand a certain topic and need expert help, place an order on a reliable paper writing service and boost your academic performance. It’s okay to prioritize activities and do something you like more. No one will ever say a word to you because all students deserve to get help in tough times.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then #SocEnt Weekend is the place for you!

This FUN, intense, and hands-on event will provide you the opportunity to not only learn the basics of how to start a social enterprise, but to experience the thrills first-hand. You will be surrounded by like-minded people of varying skills and experience in a safe environment to try out new roles, test out new ideas and develop new skills.

If you have an idea already, bring it with you Friday night. Everyone is encouraged to pitch their ideas (in 1 minute pitches). The crowd votes on their favorites and teams organically form around the top ideas. On Saturday, you and your team will spend the day fleshing out concepts, rapid prototyping to validate your ideas, market testing, and figuring out the key elements of your business plan. On Sunday night, each team will present a four or five minute pitch in front of a panel of social enterprise visionaries and leaders.

To further help the teams, we are bringing an extraordinary group of mentors, who have been through it all with their own ventures and social enterprises, to provide support and guidance throughout Saturday and Sunday. Mentors include highly experienced entrepreneurs, from a variety of sectors, as well as faculty from the University of Washington and Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

We’re excited to host #SocEnt Weekend and for the opportunity it can provide. We want to see whether this type of activity will help accelerate social enterprise, social innovation and social impact in Seattle, the PNW, and beyond.

We hope you’ll come join in the fun!

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