Best cardio machine for weight loss

Best Cardio Machine For Weight Loss

Some people like to eat more and more. They like delicious food more than any other things around them. But people don’t think about the effect of more and more eating. If you don’t have proper food habit, then there is a chance to be fat day by day. Can you forget about your favorite food? Or may you deny your friends request to go with a party where you found everything that can eat you! Oh, sorry food can’t eat you but someday they’ll be the cause of your sickness. You may become fatty or your weight might increase day by day. So you have to do something to be fit.

What should you do?

To be fit, regular Exercise will be the one and only answer. You may go to a gym house or if you don’t have proper time to outdoor exercise you can bring some home equipment’s to do so. Cardio machines would be great options for you.

Here we have a list of 5 best cardio machines which can help you to lose your weight:

  • Elliptical machine
  • Stepmill
  • Vibration Exercise machine
  • Gym ball
  • Rowing machine

1) Elliptical Machine:

A stationary cardio machine or an elliptical machine is used for exercise. It is used for run, climb or walking simulation. After a week of using it, you’ll be surprised by the result. This machine is very useful to burn 825 calories in an hour. So it’ll burn your fat belly in a short period of time.

Do you think about your time? Then the answer is don’t worry. You can use it on your office or home at any time and also it is pretty much available in the market.

Some tricks:

  • Try to use it every morning
  • 30 minutes of use can be good for you
  • Drink some water after your exercise


A stepmill is like an electric stair. It is as known as a Stairmaster. You can’t go up or down but you have to use it while you are still the same place. It is mostly similar to a treadmill. It is small in size and very easy to use in any kind of place on home, office even on the balcony. This machine is used for daily life exercise and it is very much effective for losing weight. When you using it, you’ll move again gravity so you have to bear all of your body weight. Half an hour of using it can burn on average 150 to 250 calories depending on your weight and effort. At the same time, it can burn fewer calories than a Treadmill but it is also having a smaller size.

Some tips & tricks to using a Stepmill:

  • To achieve your goal, you have to use it for about 150 minutes a week.
  • Keep up with the speed either it causes hamstrings injury.

3) Vibration Exercise machine:

A vibration machine will vibrate your whole body when you sit or lie on this machine. When the machine vibrates it transmits energy to the human body, every muscle starts working so it easily can burn your calories.

It is very easy to use and also relaxing. It just not effective for your body fat this cardio machine will make you fit and handsome too. This machine also used for blood therapy. It increases the blood circulation of the human body.

It is true that this machine is not working so fast for losing weight but it’ll be a good option for anyone who wants a great fitness and also control his weight.

How and where can you use it?

Well, you might have a question about how and where you can use this machine? The quick answer is this machine is not so big so you can easily use it on your home or your garden. If you set it on your garden and use it every morning with some fresh air that might be the very best option to chill. You’ll easily find it on your market and it’s not so costly.

User guide:

  • Try to use it in an open place
  • Keep maximum part of your body on its plain surface.
  • Take some rest after 10 minutes of use and also take some water or juice.

4) Gym ball:

The gym ball is also known as an exercise ball. Whatever now we’ll know about this Ostrich egg size ball what we’ll say a gym ball.

The gym ball is made of rubber and filled by air. When you sit on it you feel you have to jump on it to make something funny and comfortable. Now you might have a question, how can a ball helps me to lose my weight? Good point, when you bouncing on this flat ball your body part will start working and the calories also start burning. 10 minutes of jumping on the ball can burn up to 45 calories what would be a great option for those who want to lose weight. It is comfortable and also making some fun.

How you should use a gym ball:

  • Use it in a big space.
  • Don’t make it hard with air.
  • Before buying it keep eyes about which size makes you comfortable.

5) Rowing machine:

A cardio machine which has oars and seat for using in daily exercise. Usually, a rowing machine is used in gym house but if you want you can use at home. When you seat on a rowing machine and grab the oars your main leg muscle involved on it and your upper body will combine with your leg muscle. So this workout easily can burn your calories. 15 minutes of exercise can burn up to 300 calories. So if you use it regularly it’ll be reducing your weight and make you fit.

What should we have to know to use it:

  • Use it for 15 minutes a day and take some water before starting your exercise.


Many things have been discussed about the best cardio machine for weight loss. These five cardio machines which will help you to burn your calories and body fat on a standard number. If you use these machine regularly it’ll work like magic.

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